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LuxDefTec - LDT

     LuxDefTec S.A., i.e. Luxembourg Defence Technologies (LDT) is active since 2005 & specializes in Defence, Engineering & Project Management. LDT offer a range of sporting & defence related products. LDT engineers innovate, create & market enhanced products according requirements. These products are part of our commitment to providing advanced defence technology solutions. Our portfolio goes from single up to complete systems. LDT possess knowledge how to lead successfully R&D & miscellaneous engineering projects from start to finish.

LDT proposes different services like:

  • product development,
  • procurement,
  • project management,
  • distribution,
  • logistics,
  • system engineering,
  • maintenance,
  • testing in real conditions,
  • integration & evaluation of equipment's.

LuxDefTec Société Anonyme

Luxembourg Defence Technologie

Office : +352 26375060

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E-mail: info@luxdeftec.eu